The Twelve Apostels Movie

The Twelve Apostels Movie
Product Title: The Twelve Apostels Movie
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Producers: History Channel and A&E Title: The Story of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Format: NTSC & Pal Broadcasting Time Runing: Approx. 2 Hours Format: NTSC, PAL Region: All Regions Publisher: Doko Media Ltd.

Individually they were nothing special ? some Galilean fishermen ... a political hothead ... a tax collector.

They might have all led ordinary lives ?and quietly disappeared into the mists of history. But, inspired by one charismatic Jewish preacher, these 12 men become the mouthpiece for God's plan for salvation. Despite a hostile world which considered them outlaws, heretics and blasphemers, these brave believers carried the message of the 'good news' brought by their teacher.

This message of the gospels has now traveled through time across two thousand years and gone around the world to billions of Christians bringing to them all the everlasting love and eternal guidance of Jesus. The world has come to know them as - The Twelve Apostles. Down to earth men of the Galilee - the cradle of the Holy Land ? these 12 pious Jews dedicated their lives to spread His teaching of the coming Kingdom of Heaven wherever they went.

This is their story - Peter, Andrew, James, John, Phillip, Bartholomew, Jude Thaddeus, Thomas, Simon, James the Lesser, Matthew and of course, the infamous Judas Iscariot who would become the betrayer of his Lord. They may have started off as nobodies, but the events surrounding the Twelve Apostles and their leader in that far-flung corner of the Roman Empire changed the course of history forever.

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