The Story of the Yom Kippur War DVD

The Story of the Yom Kippur War DVD
Product Title: The Story of the Yom Kippur War DVD
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In 1973, on Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, Israel's largest enemies joined together to strike her in a surprise attack that left the tiny nation pathetically outnumbered. This black day marked the beginning of what was to become one of Israel's most fatal wars.

Against far more advanced Soviet weapons, the entire populace of Israel- immigrants of every generation and from every walk of life- rushed to the fronts to defend the Jewish Homeland. After only a few days, when the Israeli army had advanced into Egypt and stood just 50 miles from Cairo, the Jewish fighters gave in to the surrendering Arabs' pleas for peace.

Out of darkness and betrayal have come countless stories of heroism, marvellous defeats, legendary victories, and most of all: miraculous survival. Listen to the narrator as he tells you the greatest stories of this proud nation, still heard in the streets and cafes of Israel today, while the up-close footage from both the home and the war fronts carry you through the most intense and inspiring moments of those suspenseful days.

Important Features:

* Detailed maps of land conquest * Visual illustration of attack points * Excerpts from Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan's famous address

Director: Leo Filer

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