In this category collection you will find a fine Shabbat miniature items. All products made from sterling silver by Israeli artiest in various design: Sabbath candle miniature, Wine cup miniature, Sabbath spices miniature, Challa miniature and many more.

Shabbat or Shabbos is the Jewish day of rest and seventh day of the week, on which they remember the traditional creation of the heavens and the earth in six days and the Exodus of the Hebrews, and look forward to a future Messianic Age. Shabbat observance entails refraining from work activities, often with great rigor, and engaging in restful activities to honor the day. The longstanding traditional Jewish position is that unbroken seventh-day Shabbat originated among the Jewish people, as their first and most sacred institution, though some suggest an obscure later, naturalistic origin. Variations upon Shabbat are widespread in Judaism and, with adaptations, throughout the Abrahamic and many other religions.

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