sounds of Israel

sounds of Israel
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Sounds Of Israel- Music CD.
A selection of lovely, well-known Israeli songs arranged for piano and orchestra.
The songs can be used as an accompaniment to activity hour, for listening to during the rest period or story hour, for movement and indeed for every purpose.
The CD is meant for all ages.
A point to note is that the arrangements have been made as playbacks and can be used for this purpose.

Song List:
1. Hues (Gvanim)
2. Speak to me with flowers (Daber Elay BiFrachim)
3. An evening of roses (Erev Shel Shoshanim)
4. For you and I (Li VeLach)
5. Halleluya
6. Mount Chermon's
7. A night at Achziv (Layla BeChof Achziv)
8. A Tel Aviv night
9. Every year (Kol Shana)
10. Sing to me, Kinneret (Shiri Li, Kinneret)
11. Walk the land (Kum VeHithalech BaAretz)
12. In the orchard
13. Night stroll (Tiyul Leyli)
14. A pair of roses (Shney Shoshanim)
15. Cyclamen (Rakefet)
16. Autumn (Stav)

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