Rosh Hashana Songs

Rosh Hashana Songs
Product Title: Rosh Hashana Songs
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Rosh Hashana Songs.
Old favorites and original songs for Rosh Hashana carefully selected for a complete holiday songbook.
The songs are arranged in various tempos and styles, with many different instruments, and performed by the well-known Israeli singer Vardina Cohen.
This music CD is a must have for your family, with songs that teach about the Jewish holiday traditions and customs: dipping an apple in honey, sending wishes for the New Year, asking for forgiveness on Yom Hakipurim, blowing the Shofar, the names of the months of the Jewish calendar, and more.

Song List:
1. A new year
2. A Good Year
3. When a new year begins
4. On Rosh Hashana
5. Say Shana Tova
6. 12 months
7. Say Chag Same'ach
8. Shana Tova
9. Next year
10. The Shofar
11. Shana Tova to you
12.The apple in honey
13. The apple's wish
14.The pomegranate
15. What a holiday
16. A Tishrey song
17. Bless us
18. Hurray, it's Tishrey
19. A Rosh Hashana drawing
20. On Yom Hakipurim

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