Passover Songs

Passover Songs
Product Title: Passover Songs
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Passover Songs.
This new production of passover songs(music cd) in English and Hebrew allows English-speakers to understand the meaning and customs of passover, as well as learn and teach Hebrew.
It helps strengthen the connection between the home, the educational institution, community and the Jewish People.
A music cd that deals with Passover customs, matza, chametz, Seder night, Afikoman, the Exodus from Egypt, nuts, wine etc.
A wealth of ideas for kindergarten and primary school children.

Song List:
1."Pesach" Has many other names
2. We were slaves
3. Pharaoh's daughter
4. Moses floats
5. Pesach, Pesach
6. Cleaning the Chamets
7. A glass for Eliyahu
8. Haggadah
9. Afikoman
10. A splendid Matsa
11. Wine for Passover 12. The game of Passover
13. We have departed Egypt
14. Simcha Raba
15. Avadim Hayinu
16. Ma Nishtana
17. Arba'at Ha'achim
18. Betzet Israel Mimitzraim

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