My Holy Land Book

My Holy Land Book
Product Title: My Holy Land Book
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my holyland book

Do you want to catch a glimpse of the Holy Land and see her magnificent beauty in less than an hour? How about bringing it with you wherever you go?

Walk in the streets where Jesus walked and follow in His footsteps. Explore the rich heritage of His own culture and people. Discover Israel, the land of the Bible as we take you in an encompassing journey of a lifetime. My Holy Land From A to Z encapsulates the myriad of places, events, seasons, festivals, and spirituality of Godís chosen people. Browsing through the pages of My Holy Land From A to Z is like visiting the Holy Land and enjoying the Holy Land experience.

Each of its 111-pages is replete with photographs and drawn images professionally crafted to capture the history of each location and its significance at the present time interspersed with geographical facts and inspiring stories from the Holy Scriptures. Its alphabetical format (From A to Z) facilitates easier navigation and it comes in handy as it fits your pocket. My Holy Land From A to Z is a comprehensive guide to Israel and a perfect Holy Land gift from our Holy Land store.

Mesurments: H:4.5" X W:3.5" (Pocket Book size)

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