Music From God 2 - Days of Majesty

Music From God 2 - Days of Majesty
Product Title: Music From God 2 - Days of Majesty
Product Code: Music-From-God-Days-of-Majesty
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Hear the Bible Translated into Music! A great creation by the Center for Biblical Hebrew. Letters, verses and chapters from the original Hebrew text of the Bible were translated to musical notes to create the music you hear on this CD. Several years of research, hard work and collaboration between many talented people culminated into this beautiful presentation. The CD includes 11 tracks of music that were directly translated from the Hebrew text After a long period of research, hard work and exciting discoveries, the Music from God project has completed a masterpiece. Talented musicians have brought to life music that was encrypted into the Hebrew text of the Bible nearly three thousand years ago - music that has been waiting all this time to be discovered. Using knowledge buried in antiquity, the Center for Biblical Hebrew have discovered how to take the Hebrew text of the Bible and translate it, letter by letter, into musical notes. The results are astounding! You can actually hear the Bible play itself. If you happen to own the first version you were aware of its meditative power - this new creation emphasizes the melodic attributes hidden in the Biblical verses as well as its meditative qualities. Days of Majesty contains special chapters from the book of Psalms that were sung each day of the week by the Levites in the Jerusalem Temple. It also includes verses from the "Song of Moses" (Shirat HaYam) found in the Book of Exodus - a song that was sung by Moses and the children of Israel after the miraculous parting of the sea. As you listen again and again to these songs, you will learn to identify each Psalm by its own distinct melody. Your whole being will praise God in the most powerful way known to man - through music. The vision of Music from God is to translate the entire Hebrew text of the Bible into music. Through its music, anyone can experience the power of the Bible in its original language.

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