Mossad Vacation in Dubai Singlet

Mossad Vacation in Dubai Singlet
Product Title: Mossad Vacation in Dubai Singlet
Product Code: Mossad-Vacation-in-Dubai-Singlet-Mossad-t-shirts-199
Regular Price: $18.95

Product Description

Even MOSSAD agents need the occasional vacation a little sunbathing on the beach, a game of tennis with friends and oh yeah searching for a wanted terrorist! Printed on our "MOSSAD Vacation in Dubai" T-shirt is the caption "winter vacation" with a print of 5 partying vacationers (although the actual number is alleged to be closer to 25). The word MOSSAD is hidden in the background with an underline caption: "Dubai 2010". This party style T-shirt is a must have for your next vacation, unless off course, that vacation is in Dubai. Our t-shirts are made of 100% cotton and are long lasting with bright colors. Our products are all designed and printed in Israel.

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