The Story Of Mary of Nazareth DVD

The Story Of Mary of Nazareth DVD
Product Title: The Story Of Mary of Nazareth DVD
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Producers: History Channel Publisher: Doko Media Ltd. Time: 60 Min Format: NTSC, PAL Region: All Regions Run Time: 60 minutes

This is the portrait of perhaps the most important and certainly the most revered woman in history --- Mary of Nazareth.

Although mentioned by name only 21 times in the entire Gospels, over the centuries Mary has been hailed her as Mother of God, Blessed Virgin, Queen of Heaven and Madonna. Yet all these impressive titles reveal little about the life of the young Jewish woman in the Land of Israel 2000 years ago who would achieve such elevated status. For Mary, like all young women in Nazareth, engagement would have been a big moment in life.

Her betrothal to Joseph around the age of 13 was not unusual --- but what took place shortly after would change the course of history. How did her parents, friends and relatives react to her pregnancy? As a young, unwed, pregnant teenager, how did Mary face the possibility of being stoned to death by her community? More important, how did Joseph, her fiancé ˛espond? Mary faced many fears in her life  first during pregnancy and then, after the birth of Jesus, King Herod attempted to kill the new-born king by ordering the murder of all Bethlehem infants under three years of age.

Later, the mother of Jesus watched as her son was mocked and ridiculed. But she stood by him to the end and was one of the few who were with him when he died on the cross. But Mary's life didn't end with the death of her son. She met with Jesus' apostles and some associate her with the founding of the Jerusalem church.

What may be the most important aspect of Mary's story is that she offers all seekers - believers and skeptics alike - a feminine face of God. Doko Media looks forward to serving you, your family and your community. The in-depth journey into Israel s history is shown to you on best quality DVD and with our full customer service and shipping guarantee.

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