Kabbalah DVD

Kabbalah DVD
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Producers: The History Channel Format: NTSC, PAL Region: All Regions Run Time: 60 minutes Publisher: Doko Media Ltd.

Once, exclusively reserved for study by ultra religious male scholars of Judaism, Kabbalah recently became known as a multi-million dollar celebrity endorsed phenomenon and has reached cult-like popularity throughout our contemporary world. But what is behind the new found fascination with this sacred body of wisdom? And, is ?Kabbalah of the Stars? the same Kabbalah Jewish scholars studied for generations?

The true Kabbalah is neither modern fad nor ancient superstition. It is a great and complex philosophy rooted in thousands of years of history. Kabbalah refers to a set of esoteric mystical beliefs and practices that form an alternative to traditional Jewish interpretations of the Tanakh and religious observances. It is a set of beliefs followed by some Jews as the true meaning of Judaism, while rejected by others as heretical and contrary to Judaism.

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