Jewish Roots CD

Jewish Roots CD
Product Title: Jewish Roots CD
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Jewish Roots CD from israel music.
Jewish holidays songs like: Passover, Sukkot, Hannuka, Purim and more.
The song are in English and performed by the famous Merv & Merla Watson.

Song List:
1.Jubilee Sing (Pesach – Passover)
2.Fear ye not, stand still (Pesach - Passover)
3.O that you should rend (Yom Teru’ach Trumoets)
4.Tabernacle with us, Lord (Sukkot – Tabernacles)
5.God is my strength and power (Hannukah – lights)
6.When the enemy shall come in (Purim – Esther )
7.Open wide, my mouth ( Shavu’ot – Pentecost)
8.Lord of harvest (Shavo’ut – Pentecost)
9.Next year For out of Zion (Yom Teru’ach – Trumpets)
10.Blessed is he who comes (Sukkot – Tabernacles)
11.Pavilion of praise (Sukkot – Tabernacles)
12.Apple May the lord bless you from Zion (Any Biblical feast)

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