Jesus in the Holy Land DVD

Jesus in the Holy Land DVD
Product Title: Jesus in the Holy Land DVD
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After filming "Holy Land Journey" and "In the Footsteps of Jesus", the Bible Land Shop commissioned Italy's finest Christian movie-makers to create this especially inspiring chronicle of the life and teachings of Jesus. In addition to the unique camera magic that captures the beauty of the Holy Land as only the ascetically aware Italians can, "Jesus in the Holy Land" offers our customers uniquely informative narration that follows the chronology of the Bible "in the footsteps of Christ", capturing each location relevant to the history of Jesus not only in his time, but also his influence on modern-day Israel in all her colorful and exotic diversity.

In seven episodes the directors ingeniously portray the parallels between the gospels of Jesus and the contemporary ways of life and religious practice of Christians, Jews, Samaritans, and Moslems living in the Land today. Every aspect of daily life, ritual, festival and life cycle observances are brilliantly compared and contrasted with those of the Jews of Jesus' day and of Jesus himself. No film better illuminates the influence that Jesus' life and teachings have had-and still have-on his Homeland. A beautifully enlightening journey for Christians and Jews alike.

Directors: A. Castellani, G. Cappellaro Running Time: 105 minutes

"The Year 2000 invites us to gather with renewed fidelity and communion along the banks of the three great rivers of Revelation, Christianity and of the Church, which flow as one river into human history, linked up to the history of salvation, starting from the event which took place in Nazareth, and Jesus' birth at Bethlehem two thousand years ago."

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