Jerusalem Temple

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The Jewish Holy Temple (Hebrew) Bet Hamikdas which stood on the Temple Mount - Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem during the Second Temple period, between 516 BC and 70 CE. The construction of the Second Jewish temple begun under King.. Religious worship and temple rituals took place in the time and place of Temple in Jerusalem construction process.The Second Temple Destroyed in 70 CE under Titus Roman troops during the Great Jewish Revolt In Iudaea.
Flavius Josephus wrote on The Jewish Revolt War in his books.
From 70 CE to 687 Roman governors used the destructions of the Second Jewish Temple to build palaces and a Temple for Jupiter, and Byzantines a Church. In 687 to 691 The Moslems Dome of the Rock was build on Mt. Moriah instead of the Jewish Second Temple. The Western Wall - Wailing Wall part of the Second Temple- Bet Hamikdah still standing today on Mt. Moriah.
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