Israel Air Force Hoodie

Israel Air Force Hoodie
Product Title: Israel Air Force Hoodie
Product Code: Israel-Air-Force-Hoodie-Israeli-Army-hoodie-37
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Product Description

The old military proverb goes "If at first you don't succeed, call an air strike". The pilots of Israel's airborne units are the most lethal weapon of the IDF, the last resort, for them failure is not an option. If the deadly Appachi's and F16'S with the Star of David crest come gunning for you, it's time to start praying. This hoodie is super comfortable, it features a large pocket with two entrances (one for each hand), which is ideal for keeping your hands warm. Large hood which can be set tight or loose, depends on you. Get your Israeli Air Force Hoodie today! Our t-shirts are made of 100% cotton and are long lasting with bright colors. Our products are all designed and printed in Israel.

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