Inside Islam Movie

Inside Islam Movie
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Producers: The History Channel Format: NTSC, PAL Region: All Regions Run Time: 120 minutes Publisher: Doko Media Ltd.

One of the world's great religions, Islam, still remains a mystery. Once, Islam was a civilization that spanned the globe and shared its science and medicine with the West.

Today, it is steeped in internal controversy, a clash of ancient beliefs and modern realities. So is Islam a thriving faith or culture in decline? Is it a Religion of peace and reconciliation, or a movement of spiritual and physical conquest?

Join the History Channel in a unique journey that lifts the veil surrounding this fascinating faith and offers a glimpse of reality inside of it:

- Meet the origins of the faith and how it all began. - Hear the words of the Koran, Islam's sacred book . God's final revelation given to the Prophet Muhammad. The word Islam itself means submission, surrender to the will of God (Allah), and Muhammad himself never thought he founded a new religion.

Rather, he and his followers saw themselves as true descendents of Abraham, the holders of the pure message of Moses and Jesus. With the help of noted Muslim writers, scholars and theologians, this Film answers many of the fundamental questions we have today about Islam: What are the Biblical roots of the faith? What does the Koran teach about Jihad (holy war), violence and suicide? What are the Five Pillars, the main tenets, of Islam? How did Islam spread to all corners of the modern world? And why is it winning increased numbers of Western converts?

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