I Love The Holy Land - NEW Children's Book

I Love The Holy Land - NEW Children's Book
Product Title: I Love The Holy Land - NEW Children's Book
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I Love The Holy Land (I Love Jesus) - New Children's Book

In this unique and beautifully illustrated book, I LOVE THE HOLY LAND, children meet Jesus of Nazareth in an entirely new way: in the places where his life actually took place, in the Holy Land!

Crafted from original photographs of Israelís Holy Sites, these twenty-four paintings introduce children to the major episodes of Jesusí life, told in simple language.

There is no better way for your children to come closer to Jesus than to see Him where He lived, died, and rose again in triumph.

Book Index

3. Mary in Nazareth
5. Jesusí Birth in Bethlehem
6. The Three Wise Men
7. Jesusí Dedication at the Temple
8. King Herod in Caesarea
9. Flight to Egypt
11. Fields of Nazareth
12. Jerusalemís Holy Temple
13. Baptism at the Jordan River
14. Mount of Temptation - Jericho
15. Wedding at Cana
16. Sea of Galilee
17. Capernaum
19. Walking on the Water
20. Feeding the Multitudes
21. Mt. of Beatitudes
23. Banyas Waterfalls
24. Jesus Loves Little Children
25. The Good Samaritan
27. Gates of Jerusalem
28. Last Supper Room on Mt. Zion
29. Gethsemane
30. Crucifixion
31. Jesus goes up to Heaven

Book Details

Hard Cover
Pages -32
Width - 9.5Inch/24Cm
High - 6.5Inch/16Cm
Weight - 250gr




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English - I Love The Holy Land - Click on the image to enlarge

Portuguese - Eu a Terra Santa - Click on the image to enlarge

Espanol - Yo La Tierra Santa - Click on the image to enlarge

Deutsch/German - Ich Das Heilige land - Click on the image to enlarge

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Italian - Io La Terra Santa - Click on the image to enlarge

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Written by Daniel Cohen & Hanna Nesher
Illustrated by Igor Kovyar
Created & Edited by Reuven Dorot
Graphic Design by Eti Kalderon
Photography by Reuven Dorot
Cover Photograph by Duby Tal - Albatross

ISBN 978-965-478-086-5
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

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