The Holy Land Experience Book

The Holy Land Experience Book
Product Title: The Holy Land Experience Book
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The Holy Land Experience

Available in 6 Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese. Producer and Publisher: Doko Media Ltd. This bestseller book includes all New 2010 Discoveries of Megiddo Mosaic, Magdala, John the Baptist Cave, Omrit, Doumus Galileae and much more.

The Holy Land Experience makes a wonderful Christian gift and a Holy Land tour guide for any of your friends or loved ones who wish to know more about the life and teachings of Jesus. Every single page contains a treasury of beautiful full-color photographs, accompanied by eloquent and informative explanations of biblical events. The book astounds with accurate yet fascinating cultural, historical, and geographical facts.

The collage of breath-taking images and illustrations add indispensable biblical knowledge that was carefully selected specifically to teach and inspire.

This book is also a most recommended Israel Tour Guide.

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