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Hebrew So Simple
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Our first Audio-Visual Intermediate Course This self-study Audio-video course will give you the basics you need to be able to speak, read and understand modern Hebrew. This complete course emphasizes essential Hebrew grammar and provides a wide variety of useful methods and skills that you can apply right away. This Course includes: *A 320-page textbook *Three audio CDs *A videotape with 25 sequences *A variety of grammar and speech exercises Course Structure and Learning Method: First, study the lessons in the textbook. Each lesson consists of new vocabulary (translated throughout and accompanied by English definitions), dialogues and exercises, along with clear and simple grammatical explanations. Next, listen to the audio CDs, which take you through the 30 lessons of the book step-by-step. Professional narrators read the new vocabulary, idioms and dialogues clearly, with the proper stress and intonations, and introduces all the exercises in the book. Finally, move on to the video, which features 25 two-to-three minutes sequences. Each sequence focuses on a particular conversational topic based on a new dynamic and unique video-active method. These sequences enable you to actively participate in the conversation: just repeat the appropriate Hebrew subtitles as they appear on the screen. The video scripts in the book, which are fully transliterated, prepare you for the role you are about to assume. You'll find these sequences humorous and enjoyable. Above all, they are guaranteed to bolster your confidence in speaking Hebrew in everyday situations.

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