Hamsa Star of David Necklace

Hamsa Star of David Necklace
Product Title: Hamsa Star of David Necklace
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Product Description

Hamsa Star of David Necklace. Pendant Measurements 0.7" X 0.3". The hamsa, also romanized as khamsa or chamsa, is a hand-shaped amulet popular in Judaism. The hamsa is often incorporated in jewelry, as a defense against the evil eye. The Hamsa is also mentioned in the Kabbalah and withing the Cabala Book, Sefer Hayetzira. The Khamsa also stands for nonviolence, abstinence from injury, harmlessness, the not causing of pain to any living creature in thought, word, or deed at any time. The hamsa is popular as a charm most often worn as a necklace. Naomi Jewelry is proud to have this Hamsa necklace in stock.

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