Halleluya Music CD

Halleluya Music CD
Product Title: Halleluya Music CD
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Halleluya Music CD. Distilled by the hearts of generations, the beauty of Israel shines out through the very best of Israeli songs.

Song List:
1.Haleluya - Haleluya
2.David Melech Israel  David King of Israel
3.Yerushalaim Shel Zahav - Jerusalem of Gold
4.Mal'u Asamenu bar  Our Barn is Full
5.Ubau Haovdim  The Workers Have Come
6.Shir Lashalom  Song for The Peace
7.Jesika  Jesika
8.Kpl Haolam Kulo  All of the World
9.Bashana Habaa  Next Year
10.Mashiah  Messiah
11.Latet  To Give
12.Yedid Nefesh  A Bosom Friend
13.Kum Vehit'halech Baaretz - Get up and walk the land
14.Darkenu - Our way
15.Erets - Country
16.Hevenu Shalom Alechem - We have brought peace on you
17.Ose Shalom - He who makes peace
18.Tslil Meytar - Tone of cord
19. Hatikva - The hope (Israel national anthem)

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