Gospel Of John DVD

Gospel Of John DVD
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This major motion-picture depicts the last three soaring years of Christ's life  his ministry, trial, death and resurrection. Inspiring. Uplifting. This 3-hour epic recreates Jesus' life in stunning realism as only the majesty of a feature movie can.

Following the Gospel of the disciple John without additions or omissions, this saga draws you back to Jesus' time placing you in the middle of events that changed the world forever. Much more than just a film, this word for word adaptation of the Bible won MovieGuide's Epiphany Award for Most Inspiring Movie. Faithfully narrated by Golden Globe nominee Christopher Plummer and portrayed by award- winning actors including Emmy- nominated Henry Ian Cusick - Desmond in Lost and Theo in 24, the cast was drawn from England's Royal Shakespeare and Royal National Theater Companies, and Canada's Stratford Festival and Soulpepper Theater Companies.

"I sat in awe while watching this movie because it took a Scripture that I've been familiar with for most of my life and transformed the familiar into a profound and intimate look at Jesus. I came out of the screening appreciating Christ, his teachings and his radical personality on a whole new level".

Holly McClure Crosswalk.com Movie - The visual tableaux are often quite beautiful ... the producers took great care to make the settings and costumes as true to the time as possible ... (the) choice to show Jesus as a person who ...enjoys serving God, his Father, in addition to being supernaturally wise, temperate, loving, and courageous, is exactly right. S.T. Karmick  National Review Online Doko Media looks forward to serving you, your family and your community.

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