God love Israel CD

God love Israel CD
Product Title: God love Israel CD
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high quality karaoke style DVD of famous Israeli and Jewish songs. Each one of the DVD include full phonetic subtitles in English/French/Spanish/Russian, to help with the pronounciation of the Hebrew words to the particular song. With the help of our DVD, anyone can participate along to the Hebrew songs even if they have never learned how to speak or read in Hebrew. Furthermore, these DVD can be used as a great education tool. By viewing our DVD it is now possible for anyone who wishes to feel like a true Sabra (Israeli born) to sing like one. Each DVD has a menu which gives you an option to sing along with the sound track by itself or along with a professional singer, while he sees the song's words in his preferred language.

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The DVD song list can be customized to any musical taste and style. Anything from Religious, Pop, Folk, Children, etc. All songs have genuine video clip, taken throughout Israel and mainly in the holy places. And remarkably, 10% of all profits will go to children living in poverty in Israel. The DVD includes: 1. KsheHalev Boche (Sarit Haddad) - When the heart cry 2. Latet (Ofra Haza) - To give 3. Darkeynu (Dani Basan) - Our way 4. Lekol Echad Yesh (Shlomi Shabat) - Everyone has 6. Halev (Maya Boskyla) - The heart 7. Tsleel Meytar (Eyal Golan) - Sound of music 8. HaTachana Hayeshana (Tippex) - The last stop 9. Neefradnu Kach (Avner Gadasi) - Said goodbye 10. Tootim (Ethnics) - Strawberry 11. Shir LeAhava (Gaya) - Praize the love

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