Frequent asked questions

Frequent asked questions:

Q: Is your website secure?
A: Shopping with your credit card with is guaranteed to be safe and secure. We take extensive steps to process thousands of Internet transactions securely and safely. Our secure server software (SSL) is the industry standard for securing credit card transactions over the Internet. This software encrypts all your personal information into an unrecognizable code that is securely transmitted from you to us. When this encrypted information reaches our secure server, we translate it back to its original form and store it safely offline and inaccessible through the Internet. To continue our commitment to your security, every credit card processed is run through an address verification process to verify that the card is registered to the billing address on the order. We are dedicated to providing you with a secure, worry-free shopping experience.
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Q: I have read your shipping time is 2 to 3 weeks. Why?
A: We have undertaken to provide you with genuine gifts from the Bible Land of Israel. Having taken to ship you the goods from Jerusalem it is our duty to ask you to allow us up to 21 days for the shipping handling, though in most cases it takes less than 14 days.
You can alwayes choose the EXPRESS MAIL (2-4 days) for the best quick mail service.

Q: What carrier service do you use? How does it work?
A: According to the nature of our business, we are using Israel Post Company as a currier. All of our packages are traceable with a tracking number. The tracking number indicates the fact that the package has left Israel to its destination. When the package arrives in your country, it is traceable with your national's post office website (e.g. for the USA ).

Q: How Can I Track My Package?
A: Track your package with Israeli Post Office:
Track your package with USA post Office:

For registered mail sent abroad, delivery tracking is available, after the mail has left israel, via the destination country's internet site.

Countries that offer this service:

Austria , Brazil , Canada , Czech Republic , Denmark , Finland , Hong Kong , Iceland , Ireland , Italy , New Zealand , Norway , Portugal , Romania , Singapore , South Korea , Spain , Switzerland , Tailand , Taiwan´ , U.S.A.

Q: Who are you, Bible Land Shop?
A: The Bible Land Shop is the Internet outlet of Doko Media Ltd., producers, publishers, and distributors of superior DVD's & Videos , Music CDs, CD-ROMs & Computer Software , Books , Hebrew Study Tools , Genuine Archaeology , Kabbalah vessels and items and other products from the Bible Land since 1980.

Based in the Holy Land of Israel, Doko Media's on-line shop has been operating since 1997, distributing a wealth of high quality items and carrying specific reference to the history, religions, cultural, ethnic and social life of the people of this land.

Our wide variety of genuine and fine products have been designed and produced specially to fit the needs and tastes of our global customers. Our high quality family-oriented religious media, educational, and entertaining products all carry the authenticity of a direct link to Israel and the Holy Land .

Our team includes Director and Executive Producer Reuven Dorot, Content Manager Ilan Gran, Webmaster Itai Ben-Shlush, Warehouse Manager Omer Ben Base, Executive buyer Avi Mualem and Administrative conductor Deborah David.

Q: What is your refund and return policy?
A: All Bible Land Shop's Gifts come with a 30-day money back guarantee in the following cases:

      1. Any defected product

      2. Not as described product

      3. Product that has arrived out of the given time frame (our handling time is 2 to 3 weeks for we ship most of our items from the Holy Land of Israel).
      4. Unsuitable Media's region format (PAL, NTSC).

Q: How do you calculate you shipping rates?
A: even though most of our products are sent from Israel , we do not raise our shipping rates but we keep it low.

Registered Mail service:
all location outside Israel is: 9$
Additional product: 3$

Express Mail Service:
Express (2-4 days): 24$
Additional Product: 4$

This way, we can assure you authentic gifts from the Bible Land at competitive price. We believe in what we do!!!

Q: How can we reach you?
Our office Adress is:

Doko Media Ltd.
PO Box 611
10 Moshe Aviv (Ha'amal) St.
Or-Yehudah 60371

How Do You Reach Us ?

Contact Information:

Email address:
Fax: +972-(0)36344690
Phone Number: +972-(0)36344776


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