Disengagement DVD

Disengagement DVD
Product Title: Disengagement DVD
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Disengagement is an inside look at Israelīs withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005 and the tumultuous year that ensued in its wake. With exclusive interviews of Israeli and Palestinian leaders, settlers, and militants, this film analyzes the event from every perspective. Disengagement is the most comprehensive and objective film made to date on this watershed event that reshaped the political map of the Middle East.

Featuring exclusive access and interviews with Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, Raanan Gissin, Mahmoud Abbas, Qadura Fares, and Mohammed Abu Tir.

The film has been critically acclaimed, with write ups in the Jerusalem Post and International Documentary Association.

The films’ running time is 87 minutes.

This edition features 40 minutes of bonus features and an interview with the directors.

The film is in English, Hebrew, and Arabic with English subtitles.

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