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Bible Land Shop is more than proud to present this DVD highly awarded movie collection of the highest standard Christian films ever produced.

Have you ever wondered how life had been at times when Jesus wandered around the Holy Land of Israel? What landscape has he past through? Who has he met and where? What actually were the circumstances that have led this Holy man through his miraculous and never forgotten paths?

Experience the life behind the biblical text, live the Bible people daily experiences. follow the footsteps of the Children of Israel, travel the locations where Jesus sojourned and preached, from the sites of his arrest, crucifixion and burial, through the Roman, Crusader, Turkish, and British occupations, right up into modern Israel of today. Experience the real life and journey of the most important figurs of the bible. Learning and experiencing the history that has change the world is a great joy and pure family fun. The Bible Land Shop Christian movie collection is a subject for many great gifts for all people.

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