Chassidic Hits CD

Chassidic Hits CD
Product Title: Chassidic Hits CD
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The best Chassidic hits of jewish music.
Get a taste of the old world with these all time Chassidic favorites.
Song name in Hebrew - English translation ( Includes a booklet of the songs).

Song List:
1. Esa Enai - I shell look up
2. Vetaher Libenu - Purification of our Hearts
3. Yedid Nefesh - Bosom-friend
4. Mashiach  Masiah
5. Mi Haish? - Who is the man?
6. Rachem - Have mercy
7. Eshet Chail - Woman of Valor
8. Kol Haolam Kulo - All of the World
9. Dror Yikra - Call for freedom
10. Shiru Lamelech - Sing for the King
11. Shalom Alechem - Peace on you
12. Ose Shalom - He who makes Peace
13. Israel Israel - Israel Israel
14. Lecha Dodi - For you uncle

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