Anne Frank's Diary & The Holocaust DVD

Anne Frank's Diary & The Holocaust DVD
Product Title: Anne Frank's Diary & The Holocaust DVD
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Both "Anne Frank's Diary" and "The Holocaust" on one DVD! Anne Frank's Diary This special film was created by the Anne Frank Centre located in the house of Anne's hiding in Amsterdam. It places Anne's diary in historical context, explaining the rise of the Nazis in Germany, the begin of World War II, and the German invasion of Holland, all while it follows Anne and her family on their flight from their home in Frankfurt into the care of a group of Dutch Christians.

Anne's life before and during the years of hiding, as described in her diary, is transformed from history to reality as the camera travels to her old classroom, family home, to the hiding place, and even to Auschwitz, tracing the footsteps of Anne and her loved ones in space and time The Holocaust and Yad Vashem While many know the figures and the general history associated with the Holocaust ("Shoah" in Hebrew, literally "catastrophe"), few understand the political developments that led up to the rise of Hitler and the drastic social changes that he managed to introduce practically overnight.

"The Holocaust and Yad Vashem" chronicles these developments and the "Zeitgeist" ("spirit of the times") of the German people from the end of World War I through the rise to power of the Nazis, their polemical speeches, book-burnings, terrifying rallies, the "German war machine's" weapons manufacture and European conquest.

From the seemingly innocent faces of the Nazi Youth Movement to the anything but innocent Nurenberg race laws, "The Holocaust and Yad Vashem" makes clear once and for all the social and political changes that turned this "most enlightened nation" into an army of bloodthirsty monsters. Doko Media looks forward to serving you, your family and your community.

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Running Time: 1 hour

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