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All About Judaism
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Three great Jewish reference works on one CD-ROM: The affordable journey through Jewish Life, for Jews an non-Jews alike!

The gift you or a loved one will treasure! Here's another perfect gift for any special occasion, or a fantastic tool for self improvement - All About Judaism! For people who seek the best to nurture their understanding of Jewish life with joy. This special gift package includes three outstanding reference programs that provide a world of knowledge for all members of the family, at a very special price - just $49.00 In fact, when priced separately, these items are sold for over $149.00!

Encyclopedia of Judaism A concise, one-volume masterpiece, the Encyclopedia of Judaism features over 1000 illuminating articles covering a vast spectrum of topics, ranging from biographical entries on the heroic rabbis of Jewish history, to the customs and traditions of Jewish communities the world over.

The Jewish Primer : Written for all who seek greater knowledge of Jewish religion and culture, The Jewish Primer follows the same question-and-answer format that rabbis have used for centuries to educate their pupils. With a sensitive look at the tenets of Judaism as derived from the Torah and the Talmud, together with a thorough appreciation for the rich tapestry of custom, ritual and law that embroiders Jewish life, this is the perfect introductory reference for Jews and non-Jews alike. One of the best introductions in a long time for Jews and non-Jews alike to the tenets of traditional Judaism. Highly Recommended. - Library Journal

The Dictionary of Jewish Biography : A valuable resource of information on major figures in Jewish history, the Dictionary of Jewish Biography features almost 1000 biographies of famous Jews throughout the ages.

See Large sample pages on the right. Click on each thumbnail for a detailed view! You'll love this collection, and we think you'll also like the price!

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