Aluminium Hamsa Decorations

Welcome to our special collection of Aluminium Hamsa Decorations. Those handpainted decorations are most recommended decorations for your home and office. The Hamsa hand is a prominent Jewish motif. The Hamsa Hand is very common to decorate charms, door entrances, Jewish jewelry, blessings for home and more. According to the tradition, the Hamsa hand (also spelled Khamsa Hand) protects the ones who display it in their homes or wear it around their necks. Many believers place the Hamsa hand in their homes and at their work place to ward off the "evil eye". The Hamsa hand is also believed to bless the ones who own it with success and prosperity. Shaped as a hand with five fingers, the Hamsa hand is also known as the hand of Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron.

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