Miriam's Kidush Cup and Plate Set CAT# CU-7

Miriam's Kidush Cup and Plate Set CAT# CU-7
Product Title: Miriam's Kidush Cup and Plate Set CAT# CU-7
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Product Description

Miriam's Kidush Cup and Plate Set CAT# CU-7. Each cup and plate is hand painted with a brush using acrylic colors and then lacquered. The cup can be used for drinking and also be washed by hand in water since it is coated with several layers of lacquer. Size: 5.7 X 4.5. .To honor the mitzvah of reciting kiddush, a silver goblet is often used, although any cup can suffice. The cup must hold a revi'it of liquid (about 76.5 milliters,[citation needed] although some try to use double this amount). After the person reciting the kiddush drinks from the wine, the rest of it is passed around the table or poured out into small cups for the other participants. Alternatively, wine is poured for each of the participants before kiddush. Before reciting kiddush, the challah, which will be the next food item eaten in honor of the Shabbat or holiday, is first covered with a cloth. According to Halakha, the blessing over bread takes precedence to the blessing over wine. However, in the interests of beginning the meal with kiddush, the challah is covered to "remove" it from the table (some do not have the challah on the table at all during kiddush). Some interpret the covering of the challah allegorically, explaining that just as we go out of our way to protect an inanimate object (the bread) from being "insulted" (by the blessing over wine taking precedence), we should display the same sensitivity toward the feelings of other people. After prayer services on the Shabbat or holiday morning, kiddush is often recited in the synagogue's social hall, although the participants do not intend to sit down to a full meal. Instead, cake or other light refreshments are served. Some only recite kiddush when they are about the partake of the full morning meal.

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