Pomegranates Havdalah Set CAT# HAV-6

Pomegranates Havdalah Set CAT# HAV-6
Product Title: Pomegranates Havdalah Set CAT# HAV-6
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Pomegranates Havdalah Set CAT# HAV-6. Each wooden article is hand painted with a brush using acrylic colors and then lacquered. The functional items can be used for drinking and also be washed by hand in water since they are coated with several layers of lacquer. Size: 10.6" x 8.3". .Havdalah (Hebrew: ) is a Jewish religious ceremony that marks the symbolic end of Shabbat and holidays, and ushers in the new week. In Judaism, Shabbat endsand the new week beginsat nightfall on Saturday. Havdalah may be recited as soon as three stars are visible in the night sky. Some communities delay the Havdalah until later, in order to prolong Shabbat. If for some reason one cannot recite Havdalah on Saturday night, it may be observed as late as Tuesday evening. A Hasidic Rebbe reciting Havdalah. Havdalah is normally recited over kosher wine or kosher grape juice, although other beverages (except for water) may be used if wine or grape juice are not available. On completion of the Shabbat, a special braided Havdalah candle with more than one wick is lit, and a prayer is recited, and it is customary to gaze at one's fingernails reflecting the light of the candle. Spices, often stored in a decorative spice container, are handed around so that everyone can smell the fragrance. In the Sephardi community, branches of aromatic plants are used for this purpose. After Yom Kippur, a candle is used but not spices.

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