Daily Life at the time of Jesus

Daily Life at the time of Jesus
Product Title: Daily Life at the time of Jesus
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The way of life at the time of the New Testament is brought vividly to life in this exciting new book.

The book gives an excellent comprehensive and detailed picture of life leading up to and during the time of Christ. It contains historical, geographical, social and cultural detail as well as religious information, giving vital and fascinating insights to the Gospel narratives, which bring the teachings of Christ alive.

The writer has researched the material thoroughly using the appropriate Hebrew words when necessary to give greater understanding of the text. Non-biblical sources such as the The Talmud and Mishnah are used to bring authenticity to the subjects under discussion. These aspects are also helpful in understanding the beliefs and practices of modern day Jews. The book has a mixture of illustrations about life in New Testament times. There are maps, photographs of places mentioned in The Gospels, archaeological finds as well as artists' impressions of how people lived, worked and died! All aspects of daily life are included with the relevant biblical quotations linking them to The Gospel narratives.

I would consider this book to be of use for secondary pupils and upwards. It would be particularly useful to anyone studying New Testament themes for GCSE and 'A' level and would be a helpful resource for anyone visiting Israel on pilgrimage or as a tourist.

Highly recommended

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