Dried star anise - 1 kg / 2.2 Pound

Dried star anise - 1 kg / 2.2 Pound
Product Title: Dried star anise - 1 kg / 2.2 Pound
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2.2 Pound / 1 Kg - Dried star anise, or Anice Stars. known for its flavor that resembles liquorices, fennel, and tarragon. Best for Arak making - unsweetened aniseed-flavored distilled alcoholic drink. Very popular amongst the middle eastern alcoholic drinks. Also best for Ouzo making - an anise flavored spirit that is widely consumed in Greece and Cyprus. All of our spices are freshly dried, Kosher and 100% checked for worms. The Israeli Kosher Spices are truly second to none. The full aroma, the rich taste, the inspiring colors and heavenly texture are known worldwide and considered to be the best of all spices. The good people of Israel treat the land of milk and honey and the land returns its love. All of our spices come with a 100% guarantee. Should you not be satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return it. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all our sales. We pride ourselves in carrying the very best quality of Kosher spices and we hope that you will be pleased with your order. Enjoy the superb quality of the Israeli fresh and dry spices. Improve your food. Make your family happy. * Kosher food. Shipped from Israel. * Carefully packed. Check our gift wrap service. * Fresh and Tasty * We are proud to have an unconditional, 'no hassle-no questions asked' 14-day money back guarantee. Read our excellent return police. * With Bible Land Shop’s Souvenirs gifts, Israel is closer then ever.

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