The Dead Sea Scrolls replica

The Dead Sea Scrolls replica
Product Title: The Dead Sea Scrolls replica
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Certified Archaeology duplicate of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Clay jar (reduced size) which is the greatest manuscript find of the twentieth century. About two thousand years elapsed between the time the scrolls were deposited in the caves of the barren hills surrounding the Dead Sea and their discovery in 1947. The fact that they survived for twenty centuries, that they were found accidentally by Bedouin shepherds, that they are the largest and oldest body of manuscripts relating to the Bible and to the time of Jesus of Nazareth make them a truly remarkable archaeological find.

Since their discovery, the Dead Sea Scrolls have been the subject of great scholarly and public interest. For scholars they represent an invaluable source for exploring the nature of post- biblical times and probing the sources of two of the world's great religions. For the public, they are artifacts of great significance, mystery, and drama.

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