Abstract Tallit CAT# TSD- 2, 37" X 72"

Abstract Tallit CAT# TSD- 2, 37" X 72"
Product Title: Abstract Tallit CAT# TSD- 2, 37" X 72"
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Product Description

Product Description

Abstract Blue Raw Silk Appliqu?d Tallit CAT# TSD- 2. made of hand – woven raw silk. Raw silk is appliqu?d with embroidery forming the motifs. Sizes: 37" X 72". The word tallit in Modern Hebrew is pronounced ta-LEET, with the stress on the final syllable. Less common today, but historically widespread, is the pronunciation talletThe same word is pronounced TA-les in Yiddish, with the stress on the initial syllable.The plural of tallit in Modern Hebrew is tallitot, pronounced tah-lee-TOT; the traditional Sephardi plural of tall?t is talletot, pronounced tah-leh-TOT. The Yiddish plural, which has its roots in the Mediaeval Ashkenazi masculine form tall?t (compare Modern Ashkenazi/Israeli Hebrew tallit gadol with the masculine form of the adjective) with the analogous plural ending -im and diphthongisation of the accented ?, is taleisim, pronounced tah-LEY-sm.

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