Jewish Songs of Israel 2 CD 1 DVD

Jewish Songs of Israel 2 CD 1 DVD
Product Title: Jewish Songs of Israel 2 CD 1 DVD
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Jewish Songs of Israel 2 CD 1 DVD

Songs of Israel DVD (32 Songs and Dance) Israel in Songs CD (19 Songs 1hr10min) Israel is 60 (20 Songs 45min)

39$ worth kit for only 26.95$!!!

Songs of Israel DVD -Visual musical adventure in Israel

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God, people, land and, of course, food... These are the things that make a country what it is. Israel, unique amongst the nations of the world, is also the most diverse religiously, ethnically, geographically, and culinarily due to its historic role as "the belly button of the universe" (as Israelis like to call it).

List of the 32 songs including in the DVD: Zemer Lach / Yismacho Hashamim / Hen Efshar / Tzena Tzena / Hevenu Shalom / Hava Nagila / Sisu at Yerushalim / Mi Yvne Bayet / Mmi Haish / Shir Shemesh / Hora Shcarchoret / Yatzano At / Ein Gedi / Ose Shalom / David Melech Israel / Od Avinu Hai / Haleluya / Beshedmot Beth-Lehem / Shouv Yotza Hazemer / Nitzanim Nirue Baretz / Lean Noshevet Haroach /Pam Param Pam / Ki Avad asher Avad / Emak Shely /Kalinka / Dugit Nosat / Boui Roch /Tzivonim / Livlevo Agas Vegam Tapuach / Roach Mevadert / Yerushalim Shel Zahav / Shalom Haverim/

Israel in Songs CD (19 Songs 1hr10min)

Song title in Hebrew: English translation:

Yerushalaim Shel Zahav Jerusalem of gold

Hava Nagila Lets celebrate

Haleluya Haleluya

Latet To give

Mashiach Messiah

Kshehalev Boche When the heart cries

Kol Haolam Kulo All of the world

Darkenu Our way

Halev The heart

Hatachana Hayeshana The old station

Jesika Jesika

Nifradnu Kach Separated

Ose Shalom He who makes peace

Tutim Strawberry

Shir Lashalom A song for the peace

Lekol Ehad To each and every one

Shir La'ahava Song for the love

Tslil Meytar

Od Avinu Chai As long that our father is alive

Israel is 60 (20 Songs 45min)

1.Israel Is 60 2. The Symbols of The State. 3. Hallely 4. The Country has a Birthday. 5. It's a Happy Birthday. 6. The Bells are Ringing. 7. Let's Climb on The Roof. 8.Let's Celebrate Israel. 9. Prayer 10. Dancing with Flags 11. My Flag 12. Flags All Over The Land 13. Pompons 14. Kids from Every Place. 16. Hora 15 .Bohu Bohu Yachad 17. Open The Window 18. Dancing for Israel

19. The People of Israel - AmYisrael

39$ worth kit for only 26.95$!!!

Enjoy the music of Judaism

Enjoy the music of Israel

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