The Comprehensive Jewish Family Kit- 9 DVDs of Judaism

The Comprehensive Jewish Family Kit- 9 DVDs of Judaism
Product Title: The Comprehensive Jewish Family Kit- 9 DVDs of Judaism
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The Comprehensive Jewish Family Kit 9 DVDs Bundle of Pure Judaism

DVD 1: Abraham DVD - One Man One God (60min) DVD 2: Jewish Life Cycle (90min) DVD 3: Seven Keys to Jewish Life (60min) DVD 4: The Story of the Dead Sea Scrolls (60min) DVD 5: Jerusalem - City of Peace (90min) DVD 6: King David - Poet & Warrior (60min) DVD 7: Temple in Jerusalem (60min) DVD 8: Secrets of Kabbalah (60min) DVD 9: The Ten Commandments (120min)

149$ Worth Kit for only 109$!!!

Abraham - One Man One God DVD

The figure of Abraham looms over three of the major Religions of the world: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity which are sometimes referred to as the "Abrahamic Religion", because of the progenitor role Abraham plays in their Holy books. In the Jewish tradition, he is called Avraham Avinu, “Abraham, Our Father”. God promised Abraham that through his offspring, all the nations of the world will come to be blessed, interpreted in Christian tradition as a reference to Christ. For Muslims, he is a Prophet of Islam and the ancestor of Muhammad through his other son Ishmael.

The Jewish Life Cycle DVD

Beliefs, Customs and traditions define every aspect of Jewish life. From the day a Jew is born until after they die, every day marks a different stage of life, each with its own personal and religious significance. The Jewish Life Cycle describes three of the most crucial landmarks. Following three beautiful stories, this film intimately depicts the way that religion intertwines and defines Jewish life.

Seven Keys to Jewish Life DVD

"Seven Keys to Jewish Life" invites you to spend a Sabbath with a Jewish family and to participate in the most important rituals this People have observed every week since the Exodus from Egypt.

Rich with biblical references and sources for each of the seven pillars and clarified by the practice of real Jewish families, "Seven Keys to Jewish Life" solves the riddle of modern-day Jewish observance for the curious non-Jew. All of the blessings and prayers recited for each ritual are shown transliterated (with the Hebrew words in English letters) and translated in English on the screen as they are recited.

The Story of the Dead Sea Scrolls DVD Hidden for more than 2,000 years, it is alleged by scientists, theologists, and archaeologists that their discovery has provided new insight into previously unknown events that occurred during the life of Jesus and that influenced the emergence of Christianity. The many miracles that surround their discovery and their suspicious handling by scholars ever since has given rise to widespread public curiosity and demands that their content be released in its entirety.

Jerusalem – city of peace - History Channel DVD movie

# Walk in the footsteps of Abraham, who came to Mount Moriah - the Temple Mount – ready to sacrifice his only son to God.

# Witness what this city was like at the time of the great kings, David and Solomon who designed and built Jerusalem's great Temple.

# Follow the pathways Jesus walked as he spread His message from this city to the whole world – and took His last journey along the Via Dolorosa as He was led to the site of the crucifixion on Golgotha.

# See where Mohammed, as the Koran tells us, ascended to Heaven from the Dome of the Rock in the Noble Sanctuary.

King David DVD - A History Channel Film Historical … Spiritual … Human … this portrait of a thrice anointed king is a moving journey back into the time of the living Bible. King David was Born around 1000 BCE and was the youngest son of Jesse of Bethlehem. A shepherd boy, David, learned survival protecting the family flocks from wild beast. When the Lord's favor turned from King Saul, the Prophet Samuel secretly anointed David as the future king of Israel.

Temple in Jerusalem DVD - The Holy of the Holies Documentary A celebrated production of the History Channel detailing the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

Great and Holy is God's world --- and the Land of Israel is the Holiest Land in His world. In the Land of Israel is the Holy City of Jerusalem and inside Jerusalem the Holiest place is the site of the Temple. And in the heart of the Temple was the Holy of Holies, resting place of the Ark of the Covenant --- the footstool of the Almighty.

Secrets of Kabbalah DVD Once, exclusively reserved for study by ultra religious male scholars of Judaism, Kabbalah recently became known as a multi-million dollar celebrity endorsed phenomenon and has reached cult-like popularity throughout our contemporary world.

Secrets of Kabbalah strips away the hype and demystifies the writings that have been coveted by Jewish Scholars for thousands of years. Even as more and more are wearing the Red String Bracelet associated with Kabbalah, the original teachings behind this seemingly new fad are, in fact, understood by a precious few.

The History Channel traces Kabbalah from its spiritual foundations to the present day high glamour, in this fascinating journey that debunks the myths surrounding this awe-inspiring ancient philosophy.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS-A History Channel Movie Say the words 'The Ten Commandments' and as many people think of Charlton Heston's classic Hollywood movie as of the original Biblical text given to Moses on Mount Sinai.

But what is the real story behind history’s most famous written document?

This two-hour special examines the three different biblical accounts of Moses on the Mountain, and then looks at each of the Ten Commandments in its historical context.

149$ Worth Kit for only 109$!!!

149$ Worth Kit for only 109$!!!

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