All about Jesus 6 DVDs Kit - Comprehensive Christ pack

All about Jesus 6 DVDs Kit - Comprehensive Christ pack
Product Title: All about Jesus 6 DVDs Kit - Comprehensive Christ pack
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All about Jesus 6 DVDs Kit - The Comprehensive Christ pack

100$ worth Kit for only 79$!!!

Jesus According to the Gospel of John DVD Movie

(Available in English, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Romanian)

This major motion-picture depicts the last three soaring years of Christ's life – his ministry, trial, death and resurrection.

Inspiring. Uplifting this 3-hour epic recreates Jesus' life in stunning realism as only the majesty of a feature movie can.

Following the Gospel of the disciple John without additions or omissions, this saga draws you back to Jesus' time placing you middle of events that changed the world forever.

Much more than just a film, this word for word adaptation of the Bible won MovieGuide's Epiphany Award for Most Inspiring Movie.

Faithfully narrated by Golden Globe nominee Christopher Plummer and portrayed by award-winning actors including Emmy-nominated Henry Ian Cusick - Desmond in Lost and Theo in 24 – the cast was drawn from England's Royal Shakespeare and Royal National Theater Companies, and Canada's Stratford Festival and Soulpepper Theater Companies.

• "I sat in awe while watching this movie because it took Scripture that I’ve been familiar with for most of my life and transformed the familiar into a profound and intimate look at Jesus. I came out of the screening appreciating Christ, his teachings and his radical personality on a whole new level. Holly" McClure – Movie

Jesus in the Holy Land

In seven episodes the directors ingeniously portray the parallels between the gospels of Jesus and the contemporary ways of life and religious practice of Christians, Jews, Samaritans, and Moslems living in the Land today. Every aspect of daily life, ritual, festival and life cycle observances are brilliantly compared and contrasted with those of the Jews of Jesus' day and of Jesus himself. No film better illuminates the influence that Jesus' life and teachings have had-and still have-on his Homeland. A beautifully enlightening journey for Christians and Jews alike.

Directors: A. Castellani, G. Cappellaro Running Time: 105 minutes

The Unknown Jesus

For two thousand years, the figure of Jesus has been tied to the development of Western Civilization. Not just Christians but people from all around the world have been affected by the theology and history that resulted from the life of this man of Nazareth.

Yet over the past 50 years, the figure of Jesus has become a battleground in a culture war. On one side, novelists and filmmakers try to present controversial notions of Jesus as less than a god. On the other, archaeologists and scholars reveal much more about the First Century Judea of Jesus, helping theologians get ever deeper into the spiritual message of Jesus.

THE UNKNOWN JESUS is a 2-hour journey, a deep exploration of many of the controversies that surround the figure of the Christian messiah at the start of the Third Millennium

Messiah - God's Plan for Peace

The Holy Scriptures tell us much about the Messiah; A person larger than life, someone who's able to bring ‘Peace on Earth’ and ‘the peace of God that passes all understanding’ to the hearts of all mankind.

Jesus was not a warrior Messiah. He didn't call for soldiers. Instead, He called His followers to be 'fishers of men' walking in justice, mercy and humility. As Jesus said, "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth, blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled, blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy." (Matthew 5:5-7) Then He turned toward Jerusalem and entered the Holy City, not as a conquering, warrior king but as a modest man, riding upon a donkey.

Join this miraculous journey of Jesus, from His humble birth to His triumphal victory over death as God's Messiah!

Bonus Track - 'The Temple at Jerusalem' Documentary. The mysterious House of God on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is holding the secrets of life itself, the secrets of God and all creation. Join us to explore the hidden mysteries surrounding The Holy Temple of God!

In the Footsteps of Jesus

"In the Footsteps of Jesus" guides you through the life, teachings, sojournings, and miracles of Jesus, from birth to presentation at the Temple, from Nazareth to Bethany, from the Mount of Olives to Calvary. Educational and inspirational narration tells the stories of each holy place in the words of the Bible along the way, transforming what might have once seemed like distant and ancient episodes into very real, very modern lessons for the present.

It is a good thing to have read the Bible. But it is a hard book to really know unless one has been to its home, has seen what it witnesses. "In the Footsteps of Jesus" turns the printed text into a living one so that you can not only now imagine it, but actually experience it.

The Jewish Roots of Jesus

From Village Life in the Galilee to Jerusalem's Holy Temple, from Hebrew Prayers to the Songs of the Festivals and the Sabbath, the world that Jesus knew 2,000 years ago was a distinctly Jewish one.

Now for the first time you can discover the Jewish Roots of Jesus as this film takes you on an exciting journey to witness the same language, religion and traditions that Jesus would have known when He lived.

In part one, discover the intense Jewish religious atmosphere in which Jesus grew up and began his Messianic mission.

In part two, gain new insights into the message Jesus proclaimed to his own people, the Jews, that would soon transform the entire world.

100$ worth Kit for only 79$!!!

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