The Jewish Myths 4 DVDs Gift Pack From Masada to Zion

The Jewish Myths 4 DVDs Gift Pack From Masada to Zion
Product Title: The Jewish Myths 4 DVDs Gift Pack From Masada to Zion
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The Jewish Myths 4 DVDs Gift Pack from Masada to Modern Zionism

Masada DVD (100min) Wars of Israel DVD (60min) Israel - A Birth of a Nation DVD (100min) Anne Frank's Diary DVD (70min)

Masada DVD - The heroic Jewish rebellion on Masada Film (100Min)

Set deep in the Judean Desert, it was here at Masada 2,000 years ago, that the survivors of the Jewish Revolt gathered after the destruction of Jerusalem's Temple for a desperate last stand against the Roman Empire.Having defied the forces of the mightiest army on earth for three years, in the end the zealots chose death by their own hands -- rather than face Roman slaughter or slavery.

Today, Masada is a symbol of Israel's struggle for freedom. This film travels back to the zenith of the Roman Empire to vividly bring its story to life.

The Wars of Israel DVD The Military History of the Israeli Defense Force IDF (60Min) Subtitle in : English, Spanish, German, Russian, Swedish, French, Hebrew

Featuring up-close, intimate footage and highly informative narration, "Wars of Israel" DVD provides a comprehensive and engaging journey through the Military History of the modern state of Israel.

Discussion of the biblical, historical, and political roots of the Middle East conflict Detailed "before and after" maps for every War that clarify shifting territory lines Visual illustration of attack points In-depth discussion of Israeli land, air, and Anti-Terrorism defense strategies

Israel - A birth of a nation (100Min)

A prestige film production of the History Channel.

Israel declared its sovereignty on May 14, 1948. One day later, armies from Lebanon, Syria, Transjordan, Egypt and Iraq invaded. With only 600,000 people in the infant nation, the odds seemed overwhelming.

Yet they not only survived, they triumphed, and by 1949 armistice negotiations began that would ensure the existence of the Jewish State. Filled with rare footage, photographs, and interviews with participants in the War of Independence, this is the definitive document of one of the turning points in modern history. Extraordinary footage like a filme by Bernard Beecham, a British soldier, shows the reality of life in the fledgling nation.

This is a remarkable chronicle of a nation won by courage and determination more than weaponry, the saga of a people finally returned to the land from which they had been away from for almost 2000 years.

Anne Frank`s Diary and The Holocaust Documentary film DVD A Film about the Life of Anne Frank", this special film was created by the Anne Frank Centre located in the house of Anne's hiding in Amsterdam. It places Anne's diary in historical context, explaining the rise of the Nazis in Germany, the begin of World War II, and the German invasion of Holland, all while it follows Anne and her family on their flight from their home in Frankfurt into the care of a group of Dutch Christians. Anne's life before and during the years of hiding, as described in her diary, is transformed from history to reality as the camera travels to her old classroom, family home, to the hiding place, and even to Auschwitz, tracing the footsteps of Anne and her loved ones in space and time. "Anne Frank's Diary" presents the comprehensive picture of the world in which Anne lived, with commentary "by Anne herself" on each place, person, and event, and the most thorough, informative historical narration available, as only the world-famous Anne Frank Huis Museum could provide. From her happy life in Frankfurt to the history of the diary's publication, this film turns what might otherwise seem "just a story" into the living memorial of a most extraordinary little girl. Originally entitled "Dear Kitty".

Bonus Documentary

While many know the figures and the general history associated with the Holocaust ("Shoah" in Hebrew, literally "catastrophe"), few understand the political developments that led up to the rise of Hitler and the drastic social changes that he managed to introduce practically overnight. "The Holocaust and Yad Vashem" chronicles these developments and the "Zeitgeist" ("spirit of the times") of the German people from the end of World War I through the rise to power of the Nazis, their polemical speeches, book-burnings, terrifying rallies, the "German war machine's" weapons manufacture and European conquest. From the seemingly innocent faces of the Nazi Youth Movement to the anything but innocent Nurenberg race laws, "The Holocaust and Yad Vashem" makes clear once and for all the social and political changes that turned this "most enlightened nation" into an army of bloodthirsty monsters.

Behind this "proud nationalist triumph" lurk the scenes from Jewish life under their rule: in the ghettos, on transports, in the concentration, work, and death camps. The true decimation of European Jewry becomes strikingly clear when these scenes of misery and death are contrasted with those of a flourishing, productive, and most happy European Jewish community before the war. Many of these brave souls would not give up their right to the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness without a fight: the Jewish Underground, resistance and freedom fighters, and the various ghetto uprisings are equally portrayed as crucial elements in the Jewish struggle to maintain morale... and survival. Beginning and ending at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Jerusalem, the film is itself the best answer to the question of who really triumphed in this most horrid catastrophe.

"Yad", the word for "memorial" in the Holy Language, is also the word for "hand"... and truly our remembrance, the cry of "Never Again!", depends not upon empty words, but upon our actions

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