A Birth of a Nation DVD Kit - Israel Defense Forces IDF

A Birth of a Nation DVD Kit - Israel Defense Forces IDF
Product Title: A Birth of a Nation DVD Kit - Israel Defense Forces IDF
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A Birth of a Nation DVD Kit - Israel Defense Forces IDF

A Birth of a Nation DVD

The Story of Yom Kippur War DVD

Wars of Israel DVD

Follow Me... The Story of the Six Days War DVD

Clear Skies - The Story of the Israeli Air Force (IAF)

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Israel - A birth of a nation

Language: English, Hebrew Type: NTSC / PAL Time: 2 Hours Publishing: Doko Media Ltd. Region: All Regions

A prestige film production of the History Channel.

Israel declared its sovereignty on May 14, 1948. One day later, armies from Lebanon, Syria, Transjordan, Egypt and Iraq invaded. With only 600,000 people in the infant nation, the odds seemed overwhelming.

Yet they not only survived, they triumphed, and by 1949 armistice negotiations began that would ensure the existence of the Jewish State. Filled with rare footage, photographs, and interviews with participants in the War of Independence, this is the definitive document of one of the turning points in modern history. Extraordinary footage like a filme by Bernard Beecham, a British soldier, shows the reality of life in the fledgling nation.

This is a remarkable chronicle of a nation won by courage and determination more than weaponry, the saga of a people finally returned to the land from which they had been away from for almost 2000 years.

Operation Thunderbolt (Mivtzah Yonatan)

Movie Length: 124min

English, Hebrew spoken

Subtitles: English, Russian, Hebrew

It was Sunday, June 27, 1976, when armed gunmen from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, together with some German accomplices, hijacked Air France flight 139, diverting it first to Libya and then to dictator Idi Amin's Uganda. With the world looking on, the terrorists separated the Jewish and Israeli passengers from the others, threatening to kill them all if their Palestinian comrades in Israeli jails were not quickly released. Israel of back then was not in the habit of yielding to terrorist blackmail. No international summits were convened. No negotiations with the terrorists were countenanced. Instead Israel reacted - by launching a stunning military raid on July 4, 1976, freeing virtually all the captives and bringing the affair to a sudden and dramatic end.

The Story of Yom Kippur War (October 1973)

Detailed maps of land conquest Visual illustration of attack points Excerpts from Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan's famous address Director: Leo Filer

Movie Length: 60min

In 1973, on Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), the holiest day in the Jewish calendar, Israel's largest enemies joined together to strike her in a surprise attack that left the tiny nation pathetically outnumbered. This black day marked the beginning of what was to become one of Israel's most fatal wars. Out of darkness and betrayal have come countless stories of heroism, marvellous defeats, legendary victories, and most of all: miraculous survival. Listen to the narrator as he tells you the greatest stories of this proud nation, still heard in the streets and cafes of Israel today, while the up-close footage from both the home and the war fronts carry you through the most intense and inspiring moments of those suspenseful days.

Wars of Israel

Discussion of the biblical, historical, and political roots of the Middle East conflict Detailed "before and after" maps for every War that clarify shifting territory lines Visual illustration of attack points In-depth discussion of Israeli land, air, and Anti-Terrorism defense strategies

Runing time 60 Min

Wars of Israel DVD shows in details the Wars Israel and the Israeli Army were involved in, with commentary and an Interactive Menu.

Featuring up-close, intimate footage and highly informative narration, "Wars of Israel" DVD provides a comprehensive and engaging journey through the Military History of the modern state of Israel.

The very maps shown to soldiers in preparation for battle Clear and detailed graphics of attack points and details of conquest on the air-, land-, and sea-fronts battle-by-battle Exposure of the Arab propaganda machine, military training (week-by-week!), terrorist tactics, and diplomacy Television broadcasts of Prime Minister Eshkol, Generals Yitzchak Rabin and Moshe Dayan, Ben Gurion, and other military leaders and major political figures from the war The international community's response revealed in the original meetings, speeches, and decisive announcements: the United Nations, Britain, France, and Russia Running Time: 95 minutes

1967-2007 - 40 YEARS ANNIVERSARY to the Six Day War IDF

On June 5, 1967, fourteen hostile armies from three huge Arab nations suddenly descended upon the state of Israel from every side and direction. Yet in just six days, this tiny country not only defended herself, but won a decisive victory that changed the map of the Middle East.

Clear Skies - The Story of the Israeli Air Force (IAF)

* Detailed maps * Visual illustration of attack points * Extensive aircraft information (including the IAFs new pilotless aircrafts!) * "Inside" footage of pilots in training * In-depth explanation of Israeli air defense strategy "Clear Skies" tells the story of the Israeli Air Force through its collection of the most "inside" military and media footage available to the public. Witness the IAFs development from the War of Independence (1948) and the surprise attack of the Sinai Campaign (1956) to the incredibly strategic pre-emptive strikes on entire Arab airfields of the Six Day War (1967) and the humbling losses sustained in the Yom Kippur War (1973). Under cover of absolute darkness, marvel at the ingenious commando rescue of 103 hostages at the Entebbe airport in Uganda (1976), the 1981 sneak-bombing of the nuclear reactor near Baghdad (shown through the cross-hairs of the pilot who bombed it!), and the 1991 airlift of 14,000 persecuted Ethiopian Jews to Israel, events that have earned the IAF its reputation as an elite fighting force that is not to be trifled with.

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