Twelve Tribes Silk Tallit CAT# TS- 7 maroon, 21” X 77”

Twelve Tribes Silk Tallit CAT# TS- 7 maroon, 21” X 77”
Product Title: Twelve Tribes Silk Tallit CAT# TS- 7 maroon, 21” X 77”
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Product Description

Product Description

The Twelve Tribes Silk Tallit CAT# TS- 7 maroon. made of the highest quality silk. The various motifs, stripes and backgrounds are hand – painted on the fabric with a brush. The Tallit comes in a choice of three different backgrounds: white, turquoise or fuchsia. Size: 21” X 77”. The taleth or talet (Sephardic Hebrew) tallit, also tallis (Ashkenazic Hebrew and Yiddish) is a Jewish prayer shawl worn while reciting morning prayers (Shacharit) as well as in the synagogue on Sabbath and holidays. The tallit has special twined and knotted fringes known as tzitzit attached to its four corners. It is sometimes referred to as arba kanfot (lit. "four corners") although the term is more common for a tallit katan, an undergarment with tzitzit. According to the biblical commandment, a blue thread known as tekhelet is supposed to be included in the tzitzit. Various methods of knotting the fringes have evolved.

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