IDF Home Front Berets

IDF Home Front Berets
Product Title: IDF Home Front Berets
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IDF Home Front Berets. PIKUD HA'OREF (Home Front Command*). HOME FRONT ORANGE BERET WITH ORIGINAL INSIGNIA. Price includes insignia. The Israeli Home Front Command is a relatively recent Israel Defense Forces regional command, created in February 1992 following the Gulf War, which was the first war since the 1948 Arab-Israeli War where the Home Front faced a significant threat. Until the establishment of the Command, responsibility for the Home Front fell under the Civilian Defense’s Chief Officer Corps Command and under Regional Defense. During that time, the three regional commands had their own home front commands. After the first Persian Gulf War, these organizations were unified and the Home Front Command was created. Ever since its creation, there has been great efforts undertaken to turn the Home Front Command into a civilian body, but thus far, all of these have failed. It is currently headed by Aluf Yitzhak Gershon.

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