IDF Nahal Fighter Insignia

IDF Nahal Fighter Insignia
Product Title: IDF Nahal Fighter Insignia
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Israel Army IDF Nahal Fighter Insignia.Nahal- A Hebrew acronym for Noar Halutzi Lohem (literally Fighting Pioneer Youth), historically refers to a program for youth of the State of Israel that allows them to combine their compulsory three-year military service with volunteer-type 'civilian' service, such as organizing social welfare projects in neighborhoods and towns suffering from socioeconomic difficulties, acting as counselors for youth organizations, or founding and developing new agricultural settlements. The formidable might of the Israeli armed forces is expressed in the many tags and insignias available for sale on Dokomedia's page here at Amazon, along with many other items of interest to those interested in these collectibles. As much as Israel's military might has been necessary in the past and even in the present to protect the Jewish people living in their ancient homeland, the reality of today's world shows us that ultimately it is the human soul which carries the real answer to peace. With this thought in mind, one does well to remember the tremendous sanctity of life in Jewish tradition, and one can pray that these values will always accompany the pilots of the Israeli air force, such that the Jewish people will indeed merit divine protection in times of trouble.

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