IDF Israel Army Barak Unit Tag

IDF Israel Army Barak Unit Tag
Product Title: IDF Israel Army Barak Unit Tag
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IDF Israel Army Barak Unit Tag. The 188th "Barak"/"Lightning" Armor Brigade is an Israeli regular armor brigade, under command of the Northern Command. The symbol of the Barak Armor Brigade is a shield with a red border, blue and white Haifa coastline background and a sword on it. The brigade has a long history and was part of the Yishuv's forces in Palestine before the foundation of the state of Israel. In the mid-1990s, the brigade became the first to adopt the Merkava mark-III main battle tank and the older Centurion tanks were phased out. Tags, pins, insignias and badges of the Israeli armed forces have been and continue to be a source of pride and comfort to Jewish people the world over, in the knowledge that today there is a military force ready to protect the Jewish people from harm, after such long suffering throughout Jewish history. This is why many people enjoy collecting these items, as each one represents the people who have carved their way to victory on the battlefronts of the middle east in order to protect the citizens of Israel. In today's day and age, we realize that the human spirit and the media are even more formidable weapons than armor, however, without this army, there would be no chance for the Jewish people to survive on the small piece of land that they occupy, and this in itself is a great miracle.

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