King David Biblical Perfume

King David Biblical Perfume
Product Title: King David Biblical Perfume
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Product Description

This 100ml flask of eau de toilette has been bottled in Jerusalem with special care. Biblical scripture gives much emphasis to scent, as a means of lifting one's senses to higher realm of being. This flask carries the name of King David, as an inspiration for a warrior king and conqueror who marched always in the name of the Lord and who was able to withstand frightening adversity through his great sense of faith. Together with being able to fiercely oppose his enemies, King David was a man of the soul, who played the harp and composed many Psalms recited by people throughout the world to this very day. The perfumed flask is hand painted and undergoes traditional manual antiquing and oven firing to achieve the special tints of ancient glass. A gift from the holy land, however small, can mean the world to someone special. By keeping this close and guarding it, one may draw the necessary fortitude and strength required to face any challenge. Purchase this item as a way of coming closer to the holy spirit, thus making a wonderful Christian gift.

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