Masada Biblical Perfume

Masada Biblical Perfume
Product Title: Masada Biblical Perfume
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Product Description

This decorative flask of perfume is specially packaged in Israel and brings with it a scent from Bibilcal times. Termed "Essence of Masada", it allows one to enhance one's feelings of closeness to Almighty G-d, recalling the mountain of Massada, the last Jewish Stronghold to resist the Roman legions. Use as a symbol of fortitiude and strength. Biblical scripture gives much emphasis to scent, as a means of lifting one's senses to higher realm of being. This makes an inspiring gift for close friends or for family. The perfumed flask is hand painted and undergoes traditional manual antiquing and oven firing to achieve the special tints of ancient glass. Thanks to modern technology, the world of the spirit also benefits. Thus, this gift becomes available to you here, directly from the holy land, to use in the way best for yourself or your close friends and family, to come closer to God. Make yourself spiritually stronger by purchasing this Christian gift.

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