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Product Description

Dubitricky, Masterdov, Dubonit and Dubidov are a gang of cute and mischievous little bears. They are all best friends and love adventure.

Brand Values– the Dubonim Gang






Primary Target Audience

Children aged 6 years and over

Secondary Target Audience: Mothers of children in the 6–10 age group

Characteristics of The Gang

The togetherness of a group where members of The Gang are all best friends

A sporty group that enjoys adventures

They all love playing, being a little wild, riding bikes and looking for adventure

They all have visible identifying characteristics

Masterdov (the scooter-riding bear)

Masterdov is the good bear and the best-known bear on the street. Yeah, he’s a great rapper with cool shades of course. He wows everyone with his scooter and is a real hit.


Dubonit is terrific, cute and gorgeous. Her hair is braided all over and she’s on skates. She’s on the move all day long and a fashion trendsetter because she’s the best.

Dubidov (the bike-riding bear)

Dubidov is usually right, he’s chubby and cute and a good bear. He always loves competing with his bike and he’s usually surrounded by friends because he is Dubidov.

Dubitricky (the skateboard-riding bear)

Dubitricky is the most freaky bear. He knows everything and goes everywhere on his skateboard. He is involved in many pranks and is the leader of the Dubonim Gang. He is cute, sweet and good and he likes being a bear.

The Dubonim Gang

The Dubonim Gang is a group of pranksters who love adventures and are always best friends. They set out on an adventure from every packet of Dubonim. And as Dubidov always says “A round bear is a good bear”

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