Product Title: Apropo
Product Code: 1231111111855
Regular Price: $6.00

Product Description

What is Apropo?

Apropo is a crisp, delicate, elegant and sophisticated corn snack

· Special conical shape–Apropo has a unique and very attractive conical shape. You can eat discreetly and elegantly–thanks to the size and shape of Apropo, it can be held at one end and used to scoop up a little flavorsome dip with the other.

· Perfect solution for visitors–Apropo’s shape and delicate flavor and texture make it an ideal snack for visitors. Serve Apropo with dips or just for nibbling on its own.

Target Audience

The 18+ age group and adults who do not consume large quantities of snacks. They are usually looking for that something special or the extra value that justifies eating a snack that will not be perceived as excessive.

Product Range

Apropo and Puffed Apropo

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