OSEM 10 Inst Onion Soup 12x35g XI

OSEM 10 Inst Onion Soup 12x35g XI
Product Title: OSEM 10 Inst Onion Soup 12x35g XI
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Product Description

Product Bar Code: 77544392007 Product Code: 6232 Case Dimensions Height (cm): 10 Length (cm): 26 Units in Case: 12 Width (cm): 15 Kosher Kosher: PARVE Passover: CHAMETZ Supervision: BADATZ, O.U Technical Data Gross Weight: 50.5 G Net Weight: 35 G Do you want to take a break for something hot to drink? Try Osem’s Instant Soup. It is the perfect solution when you want a hot, nourishing and satisfying drink within seconds.

Osem offers a wide range of soups in the Instant Soup series.

There is vegetable, pea, chicken-flavored, broccoli, tomato, and mushroom soup.

A “lite” low-cal version is also available and includes chicken-flavored, tomato, vegetable, pea and mushroom soup.

There is a dietetic series “10” soups with just 10 calories per serving.

The main feature of all Osem instant soups is that they do not need any cooking. Just add boiling water, stir and you have a cup of deliciously hot soup.

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